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See our new and innovative products for 2015! The ButtPad™ and RearBag™! Click on the 'ButtPad™ and RearBag™' button above.


We are taking TipiTent orders from mid-November, 2015 to June 1, 2016 as is typical each year. PLEASE use the 'Contact Us' button above first before ordering so that we can help you make the most informed decision possible and fit you into the production schedule. ButtPad and RearBag always available for order, but 'Contact Us' on those first as well please. Thank you.


Update January 2016: We will only be taking 1 or 2 more TipiTent orders during our annual  and usual production run through the first half of the year ending in June 2016. We are too backed up with orders at this point to accept more than 1 or maybe 2 more TipiTent orders for the first part of the year. PLEASE use the 'Contact Us' button above.


WildSide Systems™ LLC features three sizes of lightweight and comfortable TipiTent™ shelters that pack quite small compared to their large set-up size. TipiTents, with their interchangeable components, are unique shelters that are highly adaptable to the needs of your particular adventure. The TipiTent design incorporates a true double wall design with a floor made of watertight material, bug proofing and tremendous adjustable venting--this large amount of weatherproof venting is a key to a dryer, more comfortable interior. The TipiTent is not simply a glorified tarp. TipiTent shelters are also designed to use collapsible, lightweight and compact wood stoves for simultaneous shelter heating, drying and cooking, making cold weather camping a great experience.


TipiTents are designed to use interchangable components that zip-in/clip-in to the outerwall. Each item is ordered seperately. These interchangeable components include: 1. lightweight outer wall (can be used by itself), 2. bugproof noseeum netting inner wall with floor, 3. bugproof breathable ripstop nylon inner wall with floor (for colder conditions) or, 4. use a clip-in floor with the outer wall. Options 1 and 4 are not bugproof. Enjoy your next wilderness trip in a TipiTent! Please use the 'Contact Us' button above for more information.




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