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3+ Man TipiTent

The 3+ Man TipiTent will comfortably hold 2 people and their full size backpacks and rifles, etc., and 3 people with less gear. It is 7' 0" tall and 10' 6" outside diameter. It weighs approximately 9 lbs, depending on configuration, including the outer wall, inner wall/floor combo, center pole and 16 premium MSR Groundhog stakes and tent, pole and stake bags. This is a very nice comfortable all weather tent for two people, gear and rifles.  The 3+ uses the Seek Outside (SO) Medium Titanium stove. These are well designed, lightweight stoves with a flat top, which is great for cooking, and a damper that lets you set the temperature you want in your TipiTent.  You will need longer stove legs to use SO stoves in WildSide Systems TipiTents. These are available by clicking on 'Store' above. Click here to purchase TipiTents: Store.

3+stovejack elk camp 2011.jpg
Grand Canyon pic.JPG

2020 elk camp

Cooking grouse...

Here the six zipper adjustable ventilation openings can be seen as well as the clothesline.

3+ in the Grand Canyon

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