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WildSide Systems is owned and operated solely by Jon Denham. Jon got his start sewing in the early 1990s when Jon worked his way through college as a USFS Smokejumper at the North Cascades Smokejumper Base in Winthrop, WA. There the smokejumpers manufactured much of their gear including building jumpsuits, backpacks and doing repairs on main parachutes after they were damaged by tree landings, etc. During this time Jon tested for and became certified as an FAA Senior Parachute Rigger, a certification that required a sewing knowledge and expertise, in part.


He has spent many years since backpacking, hiking, alpine mountain climbing, open ocean sea kayaking and wilderness backpack hunting, among other pursuits. The expertise gained over this time shows in the functional yet comfortable WildSide Systems TipiTent designs.


WildSide Systems knows what works and we make gear that reflects that. We make Shelter for Your WildSide.

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